80cc 2 Stroke Gas Engine Motor Kit for Bicycle bikes

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80cc 2-stroke engine kit will fits most 24" and up bikes.

This bike motor kit comes with everything that you will need except gas and oil! You will be able to stop or start the engine as you ride.

There is no rope pulling needed and it gives more speed.

The spark plug at the top is at a 45 degree angle instead of straight up. This gives the motor higher compression.

Bicycle Motor Engine Kit includes:

Spark Plug (1 X)

Fuel line (1 X)

Petcock (1 X)

Chain Guard (1 X)

Chrome Muffler (1 X)

Adjuster Bearing Chain Tensioner / Drive Chain Idler (1 X)

Push Button Style Clutch Lever (1 X)

Standard Bike Chain(1 X)

80CC 2-stroke Engine (1 X)

High Quality Main Bearings (1 X)

CD Ignition Assembly (1 X )

Black Teardrop Gas Tank with mounting brackets (2L) (1 X )

Low Profile Carburetor Assembly (1 X )

Magneto with kill Switch ( on throttle ) (1 X )

44 Tooth Chrome Sprocket with 9 Holes (1 X )

Twist Throttle and cable with Matching Grip (1 X )

Gas filter ( 1 X )

All the needed mounting brackets, gaskets and hardware.

Check where the engine mounts in the picture to verify you have enough room to mount the motor.

If you need more information on how to install this kit or detailed installation please email us.

This motor kit is a new generation of 2 cycle engine kit with many improvements and enhancements which make it stronger, more powerful and more durable.

This motor kit has been carefully tailored to fit in many bikes(mountain, cruiser, chopper, road) with v-frame.