MP3 Amplifier FM Radio Audio Stereo Speaker System with Anti-Theft Alarm for Motorcycle Scooter ATV 12V

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This is a brand new audio stereo speaker system with MP3 (USB or Flash card) amplifier FM radio and remote anti-theft alarm system

Fit Models:

  • Any bike or vehicle as long with 12V battery


  • Alarm Box - Metal construction 80mm x 60mm x 20mm
  • 10w Speaker Dimension: 65mm x 85mm


  • 1 x Plug and play metal case alarm box
  • 2 x Speakers
  • 1 Sturdy key fob
  • 1 Plug and play wire loom with 30cm of lead
  • 2 Speaker connection brackets (optional)


  • With anti-theft function
  • Support SD and MMC cards to play MP3 music and FM
  • Support power off memory play and it plays previous music when you turn it on
  • Wireless remote control (100m)


  • Locate and fit speakers on bike
  • Locate position under seat for Alarm box
  • Connect using Wire loom
  • Connect loom to permanent power supply or directly to battery (always connect ground first)
  • Alarm Operation
  • Click LOCK Key on fob to turn on alarm (1 beep)
  • Click LOCK Key on fob once more to disarm (2 beeps)
  • Tamper warning will sound if bike moved, if you don't stop the alarm is then activated fully, if the alarm is triggered BLUE lights will flash from the speakers and the alarm will sound at an amazing 140db
  • MP3 and Radio Operation
  • Click Music Button on key fob once
  • Click Forward / reverse buttons to move forward and backwards through tracks
  • Click and HOLD forward/reverse button for volume control

Please check the picture before you buy.